This section is a space for film writing that hasn't been published by other outlets. The subject is not always science fiction, but most of the time about the relationship between film and technology.

Still from the movie Crimes of the Future

Review: Crimes of the Future is more carnality than carnage

Crimes of the Future is David Cronenberg’s long-awaited return to science fiction and shows a world where the art of pleasure and the pleasure of art are essential.

Still from the movie Night Raiders

Interview: Danis Goulet about dystopian sci-fi, colonialism, and her Indigenous vision for Night Raiders

Danis Goulet’s feature debut Night Raiders paints a picture that Indigenous communities are all too familiar with.

Still from the movie Dune

Review: Dune is a theatrical vibe for the ages, and that’s a problem

Dune is one of the most breathtaking cinematic science fiction experiences of the past decade, but it’s unclear what else it brings.

Still from the movie Synapse

Interview: Kenlon Clark about his independent feature debut Synapse

Kenlon Clark discusses memory tech, Philip K. Dick, and how to produce a near-future sci-fi movie.

Still from the movie Reminiscence

Review: Reminiscence blends familiar neo-noir with inventive futurisms

Lisa Joy’s Reminiscence uses its technological vision as far more than a gimmick to build a narrative at the intersection of two genres.

Still from the movie Settlers

Review: The Martian Western thriller Settlers is well-made but opaque

Wyatt Rockefeller’s Martian survival thriller Settlers is an ambitious and well-made debut but reveals too little to fully engage.

Still from the movie Awake

Review: Awake could have been so much more

Mark Raso’s Awake has many interesting ideas and potential plotlines, but too few of them are explored to satisfaction.

Still from the movie Oxygen

Review: Oxygen offers expertly crafted single‑space suspense

The revelations keep coming until the very end in Alexandre Aja’s claustrophobic and surprisingly transhumanist sci‑fi mystery Oxygen.

Still from the movie Stowaway

Review: Stowaway is mesmerising but leaves one big question unanswered

Joe Penna’s sci-fi survival drama Stowaway is an intimate and captivating study of cosmic remoteness and the meaning of sacrifice.

Still from the movie Voyagers

Review: What Voyagers teaches us about societal control

Fear and impulse undermine humanity’s chances at survival in Neil Burger’s space epic Voyagers, a story about the dangers of confining the mind and the illusion of control.

Still from the movie Infinitum: Subject Unknown

Review: Infinitum: Subject Unknown – a sinister take on many-worlds quantum mechanics

Infinitum: Subject Unknown weaves a story-driven, imaginative quantum mystery from equal parts escape rooms and time loops.

Still from the movie The Wanting Mare

Review: The far-reaching world of The Wanting Mare

The equine fantasy tale The Wanting Mare, the first feature by Nicholas Ashe Bateman, aims for the immense and boundless.

Advertisement for Scent of Mystery

Say it with a scent – a brief history of fragrant cinema

From rose water to scratch cards, follow along for the story of how the film industry tried and failed at making scented cinema a thing.

Blade Runner cityscape

Meeting your maker – cyborghood, existentialism and gender in Blade Runner

An exploration of robotic identity in Blade Runner based on my master’s thesis on cyborgs in film and television.

Miles and Madeline in a computer shop

Machine lust and mindsets in Electric Dreams

Stemming from the tech-enthusiasm of Electric Dreams (1984), the intersection of modern technology and its disintegration is examined by free association.

Frame 310 of the Zapruder film

Chasing an instant of death

Regarding “natural” and “unnatural” deaths on film, a short analysis of what we might find between the frames.