After a fortnight’s search engine fatigue, I asked myself where to go next. I was done with yesterday’s yield of top lists. The Sci-Fi Agenda is what I came up with. What the most mainstream lists of recommendations share is a tendency towards the least common denominator appeal. Films that stay in the middle and pacify the mind. It is my conviction that the thinking person often wants something more, something for both thought and senses; the visceral viewing of cerebral cinema. I hope to continuously provide that. Delve into the collection already present, and subscribe to the newsletter or follow me on Bluesky to get more recommendations as they arrive. Stay tuned and enjoy the transmission.

Why is the movie X not here?

To keep a good signal-to-noise ratio The Sci-Fi Agenda excludes a lot of good science fiction. This is not to say those movies are not worth seeing. (Except, of course, when that is the exact reason.) The thinking is that there’s an interesting segment of sci-fi cinema hiding below the usual suspects of classics, mega-budget, or otherwise well-known films, that it is the purpose of this website to uncover. However, any suggested additions to the list are welcome. Sometimes I just don’t know about them. Also, what would a rule of thumb be without a few exceptions?


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