Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Cover Image

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Michel Gondry,

Former lovers restart their relationship in reverse after mutual memory erase through shady brain firm.

Brazil Cover Image


Terry Gilliam,

Daydreaming pencil-pusher joins forces with clandestine duct repairman to find mirage girl in Orwellian office maze.

Her Cover Image

Spike Jonze,

Semi-depressed personal-card-as-a-service hipster Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with operating system entity.

Moon Cover Image


Duncan Jones,

Sam Rockwell battles severe loneliness and weak communications during solo mining mission on the Moon.

Coherence Cover Image


James Ward Byrkit,

Leaps of labyrinthine logic when already awkward dinner party enters entangled quantum state due to passing comet.

Ex Machina Cover Image

Ex Machina
Alex Garland,

Gifted engineer invited by wealthy wizard executive to Turing test humanoid AI at forest tech monastery.

Upstream Color Cover Image

Upstream Color
Shane Carruth,

Strange substance travels through larvae, orchids, pigs and people in poetic weave by the director of Primer.

District 9 Cover Image

District 9
Neill Blomkamp,

Bureaucrat assigned relocation of alien outcasts from Johannesburg ghetto in smart xenophobia allegory.

Primer Cover Image

Shane Carruth,

Breakdown of spacetime and personal relations after serendipitous revelation in one of the most mind-bending movies ever.

Donnie Darko Cover Image

Donnie Darko

Richard Kelly,

Troubled teenager faces fate and flying jet engines and converses apocalyptic rabbit on the philosophy of time travel.

12 Monkeys Cover Image

12 Monkeys
Terry Gilliam,

Bruce Willis goes back in time to stop eco-terrorists from ruining Earth in brilliant expansion on still short La jetée.

Gattaca Cover Image

Andrew Niccol,

Natural born swimmer assumes stealth genotype in hope of going to space in brave new world of eugenics.

I Origins Cover Image

I Origins

Mike Cahill,

Eye scientist on crusade against creationism stumbles upon deep discovery and meets mysterious love interest.

Frequencies Cover Image


Darren Paul Fisher,

Metaphysical love story and fate versus free will struggle in class society determined by frequencies.

Predestination Cover Image


Michael and Peter Spierig,

Ethan Hawke as bartending time traveler setting lives in motion while on final duty to track down elusive bomber.

Europa Report Cover Image

Europa Report

Sebastián Cordero,

Intimate space ship interiors from found footage of manned mission to Jupiter’s moons in search for extra-terrestrial life.

The Congress Cover Image

The Congress

Ari Folman,

Multi-level metafilm/acid trip on society’s escalation of escapism, based on “The Futurological Congress” by Stanisław Lem.

Open Your Eyes Cover Image

Open Your Eyes

Alejandro Amenábar,

Young man car-crashed into facial disfigurement by manic ex-lover ends up in dreamlike state of altered reality in levels.

Spring Cover Image

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead,

Young American adrift in southern Italy ends up in primordial romance with secretive lady of fine lineage.

Videodrome Cover Image


David Cronenberg,

One man’s gory pursuit of mastermind behind sensational snuff broadcast that turns out to be neurolinguistic programming.

Last Night Cover Image

Last Night

Don McKellar,

Widower’s solitude interrupted by woman looking for lost suicide pact partner during Earth’s last few hours.

Strange Days Cover Image

Strange Days

Kathryn Bigelow,

Ex-cop uncovers plot around hard currency of illegal cortex recordings in unrestful Los Angeles at turn of the millennium.

Another Earth Cover Image

Another Earth

Mike Cahill,

Astronomer distracted by duplicate Earth encounter causes tragedy and misses MIT in favor of cleaning up aftermath.

Evolution Cover Image


Lucile Hadžihalilović,

Boys become experiment in wake of unknown sickness in strange seaside village inhabited solely by women.

Starship Troopers Cover Image

Starship Troopers

Paul Verhoeven,

Teens sent to wage interstellar war on arachnids in subtle and not-so-subtle satire on fascism and propaganda.

Embers Cover Image

Claire Carré,

Newfound lovers/strangers in desolation wander about on amnesic repeat caused by mysterious global disease.

The Man from Earth Cover Image

The Man from Earth
Richard Schenkman,

Professor claims to be ancient at impromptu farewell gathering with cross-disciplinary group of colleagues and disciples.

Timecrimes Cover Image


Nacho Vigalondo,

Peeping tom becomes own pawn when trapped in cycle of events at high-tech skunkworks lab up the hill.

Travelling Salesman Cover Image

Travelling Salesman
Timothy Lanzone,

Mathematicians make computational complexity breakthrough in π-fi chamber play on the ethics of scientific progress.

Stranded Cover Image


María Lidón,

Vastly underrated down-to-earth exploration of Mars after pioneer crew crash-lands in crater on limited life support.

Extracted Cover Image

Nir Paniry,

Scientist trips down unreliable memory lane of alleged murderer through mind extraction machinery of own invention.

The Quiet Hour Cover Image

The Quiet Hour

Stéphanie Joalland,

Strong sister and blind brother keep up and out in expertly scored story of survival after alien invasion.

Sound of My Voice Cover Image

Sound of My Voice

Zal Batmanglij,

Covert documentary maker couple infiltrate seclusive sect surrounding charismatic leader claiming to be from the future.

Under the Skin Cover Image

Under the Skin

Jonathan Glazer,

Clever usage of hidden cameras as humanly disguised alien seductress picks up men around streets of Scotland.

Never Let Me Go Cover Image

Never Let Me Go

Mark Romanek,

Trio coming of age at strangely isolated boarding school in alternate history where life extension happened.

eXistenZ Cover Image


David Cronenberg,

Biotech body horror in a future of increasingly immersive virtual reality where gamers versus realists battle it out.

Splice Cover Image


Vincenzo Natali,

Biohacker couple of ambiguous moral fiber in sudden parenthood when illicit gene splicing pet project goes awry.

H. Cover Image

Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia,

Fleeting fragments from two Helens of Troy at odds with loss in modern mythology of meteors and motherhood.

A Scanner Darkly Cover Image

A Scanner Darkly
Richard Linklater,

Shapeshifting surveillance agent in undercover drug lord operation becomes addicted to Substance D in Philip K. Dick story.

Advantageous Cover Image


Jennifer Phang,

Single mother in a future of super-children and rapidly diminishing job count explores the prospects of body sacrifice.

Limitless Cover Image

Neil Burger,

Struggling author rids writer’s block with pilot nootropics and advances into finance while watched by the wrong people.

Cube Cover Image


Vincenzo Natali,

Rational thinking under stress when group of strangers wake up in never-ending cubic deathtrap rigged with math.

The Sticky Fingers of Time Cover Image

The Sticky Fingers of Time

Hilary Brougher,

Pulp author covering hydrogen bomb test in the 1950’s gains time travel capabilities and meets present day spawn.

Robot Stories Cover Image

Robot Stories

Greg Pak,

Makers and machine love in four-part anthology on the limits and possibilities of human-robot interaction.

Self/less Cover Image

Tarsem Singh,

Prosperous property developer attempts escape from elderness through supposedly safe mind uploading to younger body.

The Quiet Earth Cover Image

The Quiet Earth

Geoff Murphy,

Energy science lab rat tries to trump despair and seek explanations after awakening to a world devoid of people.

Vanishing Waves Cover Image

Vanishing Waves

Kristina Buožytė,

Surreal erotic encounters as one conscious test subject travels mind of comatose other under not-so-controlled conditions.

Uncanny Cover Image

Matthew Leutwyler,

Ex-engineer science writer spends week at solitary lab for interviews with prodigal inventor and the AI creation Adam.

Sleep Dealer Cover Image

Sleep Dealer
Alex Rivera,

Drone strike surviving village teen hacker meets memory author in Tijuana when looking for fortune in telerobotics.